We tend to be go-it-alone types when we travel. That said, we can also understand the value of an experienced, knowledgeable and outgoing tour guide can offer, from lowering language barriers to recommend the best places around and little known but tasty local restaurants.

A knowledgeable guide can give a laser focus to any sightseeing visit, and this may never be so valuable as when you have very little time in one place!

Kukke may be relatively small in size, but with so much to see it can be hard to know where to start when planning your trip here. Often lack of proper information makes the visitor pass through tough time finding out where to perform what seva and where to approach for particular need and estimate the time required for “darshan” when standing in a long queue in the temple so as to plan his next activities. Our guide will help you to leave your all worries related to this aspect.

Besides guide will help you in planning the travel around Kukke depending on your availability of time and accompany you throughout the day. The guide will plan your trip around Kukke depending on your taste. If you love to walk through lush green, deep forest for 1-2 hours, guide will take you there and accompany you, if you want to visit other unique temples around Kukke, you will be guided there.

Here we list all the reasons to use a guide:-

We provide expertised local guides to visit famous places in and around Kukke for those who are visiting with their own vehicles.

  • Guide will assess estimated time required for a darshan on a particular day depending on the number of devotees on that day and he will advise whether to go for “special darshan” ticket or to wait in a normal queue.
  • Guide knows to use precious travel time efficiently. If some place can not be visited due to unavoidable reason, he will take you to alternative places.
  • Guide knows the best photography location.
  • Guide eliminates language barrier.He knows English, Hindi and local languages Kannada and Tulu.
  • Guide can find the cafe, restaurant that is just right for your taste.
  • If need arises for medical assistance, guide will take you to the best doctor nearby.