Green Route Journey

Kukke Subramhanya to Sakaleshpura on Rail

Green Route Train journey is one of the most iconic travel experiences of Karnataka. Numerous people have experienced this journey.But response was only one.” WOW! ” .We are sure yours will also be the same. Journey of this route will exemplify the saying “Train journey is more focussed on journey rather than destination”.

The view of landscape of this journey will linger in your mind for ever.A bridge here,a river there! As you move on the scenery changes from stunning to spectacular.At the end of this journey your memory card will be overloaded and your memory battery exhausted.

This exciting travel will first make you speechless and then make you a storyteller!


When to Visit?

Though this journey can be experienced throughout the year, in monsoon the beauty is increased by number of water falls en route.


How to Get There?

Contact us! We will arrange your travel to Kukke subramanya railway station to catch this train and arrange a return journey to Kukke, back from Sakaleshpura railway station.