Westeren Ghats Trekking

The mountain chain of Western Ghats which is older than the Himalayan mountains, stretch out for around 1400km from Maharashtra to south most end of Kerala. The hills (with an average elevation of 915m) are covered with evergreen and deciduous forest, and are the source of all the major rivers in South India. It also has an exceptionally high level of biological diversity and endemism and is recognized as one of the world’s eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity.

There is a great variety of vegetation all along the Ghats: scrub jungles, grassland along the lower altitudes, dry and moist deciduous forests, and semi-evergreen and evergreen forests. There are two main centres of diversity, the Agashyamalai hills and the Silent Valley. The complex topography and the heavy rainfall have made certain areas inaccessible and have helped the region retain its diversity.

We organise following trekking in western ghats which are near to Kukke :

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