Kukke Subramanya Camping Gears

**  Please call us before booking tents **                                                                      Honey at its purest form!  Buy here

Udayagiri Pettige Jenu is an attempt to provide naturally cultivated pure and raw honey to the needy consumers. We guarantee the quality and the honey cultivation is done ethically. You can visit to our beekeeping farms and see how the bees are treated and in the cultivation season, you can get to see the live demo of how beekeeping is done!

No longer take the ardous task of carrying and returning

tents, sleeping bags all the way from far away places!

Call us @  +91 9741247271 for clarifications.

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Camping, Trekking Tents /Gears on Rent in KUKKE SUBRAMANYA

Camping Gear Price and Terms

Four Person Camouflage Tents

  • Capacity – 4 people
  • Semi waterproof
  • Easily Carriable
  • Light Weight
H-SS-71237B-1 Book Now

Quechua Arpenaz 3 Three Person Tents

  • Capacity – 3 people
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Easily Carriable
  Book Now

Quechua Two Person Tents

  • Capacity – 2 people
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Easily Carriable
Quechua-2-persons Book Now
Quechua Sleeping Bags

  • Capacity – 1 Person
  • Zip
Quechua-Sleeping-Bags Book Now
Tent Lantern

  • With Quechua Tents only
 bl40-hiking-lantern-blue Book Now